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Mise HERo is formed with the vision of using games and game mechanics in Education. It was functional since 2012 by its founders working on the methodology to create more effective and enjoyable training programs for adults. As a company Mise HERo was officially registered in the beginning of 2015.

 Mise HERo focuses on 3 main areas:

1)developing games and implementing gamification for companies to be used to motivate and educate the employees (adaptation process, training portals, understanding the companies processes and how they connect together etc.),

2) developing and executing trainings or workshops to fix certain problematic aspect that the company or its teams are currently facing (soft skills development like leadership, communication, fluctuation prevention, lack of feedback, vision building, corporate values etc.),

3) developing and executing trainings or workshops for young students (of all levels starting on elementary through high schools to universities). Mise HERo is built on holacratic principles and currently has 8 core people working on projects and has external experts and partner organizations cooperating on bigger projects. Our team consist of trainers, coaches, game developers and gamification experts.

In winter 2020 in Prague, as a part of the Horizon 2020 project, an interactive exhibition called Urbania took place. Its mission was to present 8 soft principles and their importance and application in the context of city administration. Our role as Mise HERo was to analyse the concept from an educational perspective and come up with suggestions how to transmit the desired information in an engaging way, so that the visitors understood the concept, but didnt feel like being lectured on urban dynamics. A debrief session with a trained Mise Hero facilitator showed outstanding results regarding understanding of the topic.

Science Cafe For Adults project is an expert guide to the interesting topics that seem remote and inaccessible to adults, but are at the center of life.

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