The Italian Organisation, C.N.I.P.A. PUGLIA, not for profit association, is a historical Vocational School and also public education center for adults. It works in the Apulia Region for many years. Its offices and schools are presents in all the main cities. The Puglia Region is located in Southern Italy. Its economy is based on tourism, agriculture and industry.


However, some peripheral areas are socially and economically disadvantaged against moreadvanced areas of the same region. This territory has, due to some disadvantaged areas,a lower development rate, not only at national level, but also compared to the other southernItalian regions included, in the same area of Convergence. The most penalized people are, aboveall, women and men living in disadvantaged areas, with low education and who find it verydifficult to find work. The situation is even worse when we talk about people living in the suburbs in conditions of hardship and deprivation like migrants.


With his work, C.N.I.P.A. PUGLIA, from many years, has investigated the problems to people living in disadvantaged areas and at the risk of criminality. The results are discouraging: high unemployment rates, low education rates and low use of training and lack of a job.Thanks to some projects, services for disadvantaged people was done.


However, a lack of communication or, still worst, discouragement, do not allow these services to be incisive andeffective.


It needs to develop learning and training skills, as indicated by the EU guidelines, the aim to improve the professional skills required by the local productive system, to ensure full equality to find a job and to promote the continuous learning among these populations.


C.N.I.P.A. PUGLIA works daily to improve his skills and give to the people the answers right.Its target groups are minors at school risk, migrants, disadvantaged women, jobless adult women and men with educational and training gap, etc. Its current professional training is,also, addressed to people with an obvious educational gap that no find work. CNIPA Puglia works in four macro types of Vocational Training:

Compulsory Education: As provided by the national law 144/99, it carries out vocational educational training for disadvantaged youth with the aim to address them to school or to the job market.The Lecce’s School is a leader, for the highest rate of re-employment of young people against the other Cities’ Schools.Continuing Education:

Continuous Training: training for employees of companies for their professional updating. Vocational Training addressed to people in residents in disadvantaged areas and at social risk: C.N.I.P.A. PUGLIA careful to the needs of disadvantaged people, offers its services to drug-addicted people, alcoholics, ex-prisoners, prisoners and migrants.

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