Within the scope of the project, 15 different science cafe events were organized in 5 different project partner countries. These science cafe events were recorded and shared on the project’s youtube channel. By adding English subtitles to these videos, each video was understood by a wider audience. After each science cafe event, the ‘Science Cafe Event Evaluation Questionnaire’ was administered to the participants. This survey data was used to feed the last of the project activities, the Joint Position Paper. You can find our science cafe event videos below.

After the science cafe events, each partner institution created different bite-size videos on the theme of the science cafe events. These videos are the educational content of the project. To reach our training platform, please click on the link sciencecafeforadults.com or the Moodle button you see above.

Science Cafe For Adults project is an expert guide to the interesting topics that seem remote and inaccessible to adults, but are at the center of life.


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