Joint Position Paper, the last of the project activities, was prepared by one of the project partners, VSL SOCIALINIU INOVACIJU CENTRAS. An
opinion paper or report, known as a ‘position paper’, is a piece of paper that discusses a particular view and presents ideas. The purpose of this document is to convince readers that your idea is valid and worth listening to. The ideas you are considering need to be carefully scrutinized as you choose a topic, develop your argument, and edit your article. The problem must be addressed in all its aspects. As you write, you need to take one side of the argument and convince others that you have a very solid foundation on the subject. In order to ensure the validity of your claims, it is very important to support your claim with solid evidence, to deal with counter-claims, and to show that you have a good knowledge of both parties. A joint opinion article was written within the scope of the project. In this article, the Science Cafe Evaluation questionnaire was applied to the participants after the science cafe activities. Apart from the main joint position paper, the partners analyzed the data they collected and also carried out other academic studies.

Joint Position Paper

Paper (Academic) Asead

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