EDRASE (Educational Activities Society) is a Non-Profit company, it was founded 7 years ago in 2010, but since then has been implicated in several projects of national and international importance. Main goal is to promote mainly Natural and also Social Sciences in Greece & the E.U. To this end, activities like seminars, lectures, discussions and educational material production is used. The company has 30 volunteers that work around various projects but external collaborators too depending on the project (e.g. technical staff, university academic staff etc.) and 7 board members who help in projects themselves voluntarily.

The company seat is at Halki, a small island in the South Aegean sea (Dodecanisos), but also activities take place in other islands and in the mainland of Greece.

EDRASE have a great experience on distance learning teaching various kinds of courses. Also partners of EDRASE are highly experienced on organizing conferences and adult training courses on various modules, especially in ICT and Sciences.They have worked for a long time in scientific and educational research.

Most of them have to do with training educators in various subjects such as ICT and in various methods such as e-learning and blended learning. But the most important capital of EDRASE is its staff which are very experienced in teaching, training and producing educational material in the field of Sciences, ICT but also Humanities.

The company has also got an official certification from the Greek Ministry of Education and the company is also registered with the Ministry of Education registry of non formal education.

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