VsI Socialiniu inovaciju centras

VsI Socialiniu inovaciju centras (SIC) is private non for profit regional organisation. SIC has enough human resources – totally 14 paid staff members (trainers, social workers, psychologists, projects managers, etc.) and methodologies (research, dissemination, evaluation, etc.) to carry out international projects. As well SIC has a large network of experts and volunteers (34 with volunteering agreements) available for special activities.

SIC is seeking to create, adopt and implement various innovative social initiatives in the field of social work and non-formal education providing services both to professionals, volunteers and disadvantage and socially excluded groups (adults including with special needs,long term unemployed, families and individuals at risk, disabled, etc.).

SIC provides information, counselling, non-formal education and training for professionals (post-graduated social workers, nurses, manages, teachers, etc.), volunteers, social partners, communities, various social groups and public on the most relevant social problems’ issues. SIC creates and/or adopts new psychosocial services for the target groups; provides them with information, counselling and educational activities; initiates, participates and implements both local and international projects in the field of social work and nonformal education of target groups. Average 2000 learners and/or service users are passing through different educational and social work activities every year.

Centre is trying to assure rights of disadvantage people to different services which will enable them to develop their capabilities and skills; to become a major factor ensuring equal and full-fledged social involvement in the life of the society and labour market and represent the interests and protect the basic rights of those individuals.

Centre develops and implements various projects, initiatives and interventions at both national-local and transnational level, in collaboration with formal and non-formal adult education providers, training centres, schools, public bodies, research centres, NGOs, social cooperatives, SMEs, business associations, etc.

SIC is an organisation skilled in managing projects and we have a wide experience gained over many years of working on different LLP Leonardo Da Vinci, Grundtvig, Structural Funds, etc. projects. Organisation has a range of internal policies and procedures in place that govern levels of staff that can authorise payments, signatories, payment documentation, etc. Organisation has expertise in assessing and developing soft skills, developing and implementing new learning methods, working out new strategies, methodical materials and programmes regarding effective vocational insertion. As well we are skilled in pilot trainings, e-learning, accreditation of programmes, quality assurance, dissemination and valorisation, project management, research, conferences and venues, etc.

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