Surekli Egitim, Arastirma ve Danisma Dernegi(SEADDER)

Surekli Egitim, Arastirma ve Danisma Dernegi(SEADDER) has been founded to carry out the activities of education, research and consulting to ensure lifelong learning, and to support and collaborate with the individuals and institutions working on these subjects. It is a voluntary and non-profit association. Members and voluntary personnel of SEADDER are consist of educators, teachers, youth workers, consultants, academics, psychologists, social workers, doctors, vocational trainers, ICT specialists, education schedulers, linguists, artists, etc.

Seadder’s Vision: “Education from the cradle to the grave” to ensure that people live actively. SEADDER is an association that conducts activity in all fields of education. In other words;adult education, vocational training, and female education are within the scope of our work.

Science Cafe For Adults project is an expert guide to the interesting topics that seem remote and inaccessible to adults, but are at the center of life.

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