Science Cafe For Adults

Project Summary



No: 2020-1-TR01-KA204-093158


Lifelong learning is an important tool in developing society, continuing technological and social change and developing individuals' skills. Lifelong learning has become increasingly important for all forms of education and training in a rapidly changing world. For this reason, the requirements of the social state principle, which is a requirement of democracy, will be fulfilled in the developing world by focusing on lifelong education and adult education.
Within the scope of the project, “Information, Media and Technology Skills Proficiency Scale” was applied to 342 adults who received education in adult education institutions in Odunpazarı District. In the first part of the questionnaire used as the data collection tool of the research, personal information of adults; In the second part, articles on the use of media and Web 2.0 technologies, in the third part, Communication and Cooperation; The items related to the use cases regarding Safe Internet Use and the information literacy self-efficacy perception scale were used in the last section. As a result of the research, it was seen that adults have low levels of competence in “Communication and Cooperation, Programming, Problem Solving, Digital Content Development, Information and Data Literacy and Security. The knowledge and skills gained from formal education institutions in childhood become
obsolete after a certain period and fall short of complying with the life and work conditions and standards of the age and considering the aging population of Europe, our project partners, which are European countries, have similar problems.There are 6 participating organizations have same problems from 5 different EU countries that are involved in this project titled "Science Cafe for Adults"
Therefore, adult individuals who have completed or stopped formal education need to be grow and develope their knowledge and qualifications.
Our project target audience is 350 adults between the ages 45-75 years old,experienced in their field and have not received formal education of completed.Increasing the competence and awareness of our target audience in science and technology with innovative practices within the scope of the project; Achieving the qualities needed by social life by offering continuous education activities to adults who have not been able to benefit from the educational opportunities of the EU 'lifelong learning' policies; To be able to make use of information and communication technologies that will facilitate the access of adults to current information regardless of gender and class; Thanks to advanced communication technologies (Internet, hypermedia, etc.), all individuals can receive education by creating alternative educational environments and opportunities (distance education) that are not limited to time and space; It aims to contribute to the continuous motivation and social inclusion of adults against learning.The project aims at encouraging people to take a more active role towards engaging with science and technology issues that may affect every day life.and also aims to introduce the use of bite size learning as a supplement to formal education, a new form of nonformal education that is totally mobile, flexible and easy to take up by a very wide variety of learners including those who wants develope themselves.
In the Project partner organisations plan to design a teaching and learning platform called “Sciene Cafe for Adults”.It will include bite size learnings.All partner organisations will record bite size learning videos, translate the talk to English in a text format and add English subtitles to the its corresponding video and upload it on Youtube.The subjects of bite size learning videos will be chosen according to the priority needs of our target group such as web 2.0 ,pandemi related subjects to science and technology.In parallel to that, the dissemination coordinators SEADDER, has taken the responsibility to create a website that all relevant material is going to be uploaded to (videos, translations, comments from the audience, general comments etc.) and EDRASE has taken the responsibility to create a Moodle platform for the exchange of comments and files between the participants.
In this way Science Cafe for Adults bring research and innovation into adult education.
The lecturers on every topic are going to be specialists on the particular field of Science and Technology that the topic relates to (e.g. University academics or other accordingly certified individuals) and there is going to be the greatest possible participation from the audience via asking questions, getting relevant answers and these will be followed and accompanied by discussion.Thus, it will increase the adults' knowledge and skills in the field of professional, behavioral and technology in order to adapt to the changing world by combining their professional experience with academic knowledge.




















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