The last transnational meeting of the Science Cafe For Adults project, financed by the Turkish National Agency, was held in Bari, Italy, on 20-21 October 2022. At the meeting, the final version of the project Moodle platform was evaluated, and the final work to be done at the point of completion of the project products was determined. Joint opinion papers, the last of the project products, were shared with the partners. Within the scope of our project, project multiplier events will be organized in all partner countries.

The following institutions participated in the “Scienca Cafe For Adults” project final TPM.
– Odunpazarı İlçe Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü-TR
– Surekli Egitim, Arastirma ve Danisma Dernegi (SEADDER)-TR
– Mise Hero – CZ
– Vsı Socialiniu Inovaciju Centras – LT