10 June  2021


Science Cafe 1 Turkey


Partner countries have started to organize the first phase science cafe events of the Science Cafe For Adults project. The first of the 3 science cafes to be held in Turkey was held in Ankara Başkent Öğretmenevi as a joint work of Odunpazarı District Directorate of National Education and SEADDER. Deputy Chief, Specialist Dr. Nurgül Özcan from Abdurrahman Yurtaslan Oncology Training and Research Hospital participated as a speaker to the science cafe event on what is cancer and the unknown about cancer.

By paying attention to the fact that there were no very crowded meetings due to the pandemic conditions and the social distance rule, 13 adults attended the science cafe events, got information about the unknowns about cancer and had the opportunity to ask the questions they had in their minds. At the end of the 1.30 hour event, our speaker was thanked and given a small gift.

Thanks to our first event, which will set an example for other science cafe events to be held, the points to be considered were shared with the project partners and the participation in other science cafes was planned to be higher with the improving pandemic conditions.

In addition, the science cafe event was broadcast live on the project Facebook page, aiming to reach more people. Science cafe activities recorded with video will be published on the project youtube channel within the specified time by adding English subtitles, scientific topics will be presented to the knowledge of adults and all groups.