VsI Socialiniu inovaciju centras (SIC) is private non for-profit regional organisation operating from 2009. SIC is seeking to create, adopt and implement various innovative social initiatives in the field of social work and non-formal education providing services both to professionals, volunteers and disadvantage and socially excluded groups (young people including with special needs, long term unemployed, families and individuals at risk, disabled, migrants, etc.).

SIC provides information, counselling, non-formal education and training for professionals (post-graduated social workers, nurses, manages, teachers, etc.), volunteers, social partners, communities, various social groups and public on the most relevant social problems’ issues. SIC creates and/or adopts new psychosocial services for the target groups; provides them with information, counselling and educational activities; initiates, participates and implements both local and international projects in the field of social work and non-formal education of target groups.

Centre is trying to assure rights of disadvantage people to different services which will enable them to develop their capabilities and skills; to become a major factor ensuring equal and full-fledged social involvement in the life of the society and labour market and represent the interests and protect the basic rights of those individuals.

Centre develops and implements various projects, initiatives and interventions at both national-local and transnational level, in collaboration with formal and non-formal adult education providers, training centres, schools, public bodies, research centres, NGOs, social cooperatives, SMEs, business associations, etc.


Contact Person: Aurelija Jankienė  - a.jankiene@socin.lt


Website:     www.socin.lt                                                

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/socin.lt
Other : www.linkedin.com/company/vsi-socialiniu-inovaciju-centras/


Consorzio Nazionale Istruzione Professionale Artigiana,


CNIPA is the acronym for National Consortium for Artisan Professional Education.  It was founded in 1995 as a non-profit organization.

The MISSION  is to help young people and adults find work and/or social redemption CNIPA Puglia has its own legal Entity.

The body is accreditated by Apulia Region as a provider of professional training in the whole Region. The Lecce's School in an ECDL Center accreditated as a provider of European license ICT.

It is located in Apulia, a region in South-Eastern Italy.  Its headquarters are in Bari, while other 5 schools and offices are situated in other cities across the region.

CNIPA has a flexible organization and efficient financial management.

CNIPA PUGLIA has carried out European Social Fund financed projects for about 23 years to the benefit of socially and economically disadvantaged individuals.

With the wide range of tasks accomplished and more than 15 projects developed each year, CNIPA PUGLIA has contributed to the social and economic development of the context in which it operates.


Contact Person: Giuseppe Montanaro - giu.mon@gmail.com


Web site: http://www.cnipapuglia.it/wp/


Eskişehir Odunpazarı Directorate of National Education (EODNAE) is a public body that is responsible for administrative affairs of formal and non-formal education including primary, secondary, vocational and technical education, special education, school counselling services and lifelong learning. Policy making, monitoring the implementation of educational policies; monitoring and evaluation of educational environments, programs, materials, student affairs and social activities; making research, planning and developing projects to meet
the educational needs are among the activities of the directorate.
EODNAE supervises 40 primary schools, 37 secondary schools, 28 high school, 6 Schools for pupils with special needs, 21 private schools. The director and the head officers are in charge of 5405 teachers and 69.913 students.


Contact Person: Emel Zengin - emel_bayrakdar@hotmail.com

Contact Person: Çiğdem Altun - cigdemalt15@gmail.com


Web site: https://odunpazari.meb.gov.tr/


There are 6 partners from 5 countries in our project.


Project Coordinator From Turkey; Odunpazarı District Directorate

Of National Education - Eskişehir-Turkey


- Greece, Etairia Draseon Epimorphosis

- Turkey, Surekli Egitim, Arastirma Ve Danisma Dernegi

- Lithuania, VsI Socialiniu Inovaciju Centras

- Italy, Cnipa Puglia

- Czechia, Mise Hero S.R.O.

Surekli Egitim, Arastirma ve Danisma Dernegi(SEADDER)

has been founded to carry out the activities of education, research and consulting to ensure lifelong learning, and to support and collaborate with the individuals and institutions working on these subjects. It is a voluntary and non-profit association.
Members and voluntary personnel of SEADDER are consist of educators, teachers, youth workers, consultants, academics, psychologists, social workers, doctors, vocational trainers, ICT specialists, education schedulers, linguists, artists, etc.
SEADDER’s Vısıon: “Education from the cradle to the grave” to ensure that people live actively.
SEADDER is an association that conducts activity in all fields of education. In other words; adult education, vocational training, and female education are within the scope of our work.


Contact Person: Necdet KARA - necdetkara@gmail.com


Website: www.seaddernegi.org


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/seaddernegi


EDRASE (Educational Activities Society) is a Non-Profit company, it was founded 7 years ago in 2010, but since then has been implicated in several projects of national and international importance. Main goal is to promote mainly Natural and also Social Sciences in Greece & the E.U. To this end, activities like seminars, lectures, discussions and educational material production is used. The company has 30 volunteers that work around various projects but external collaborators too depending on the project (e.g. technical staff, university academic staff etc.) and 7 board members who help in projects themselves voluntarily.
The company seat is at Halki, a small island in the South Aegean sea (Dodecanisos), but also activities take place in other islands and in the mainland of Greece.
EDRASE have a great experience on distance learning teaching various kinds of courses. Also partners of EDRASE are highly experienced on organizing conferences and adult training courses on various modules, especially in ICT and Sciences.
They have worked for a long time in scientific and educational research.
Most of them have to do with training educators in various subjects such as ICT and in various methods such as e-learning and blended learning.
But the most important capital of EDRASE is its staff which are very experienced in teaching, training and producing educational material in the field of Sciences, ICT but also Humanities.
The company has also got an official certification from the Greek Ministry of Education and the company is also registered with the Ministry of Education registry of non formal education.


Contact person: Nicolas Gavalas - nikos_gav@hotmail.com


Mise HERo is formed with the vision of using games and game mechanics in Education.
It was functional since 2012 by its founders working on the methodology to create more effective and enjoyable training programs for adults. As a company Mise HERo was officially registered in the beginning of 2015.
Mise HERo focuses on 3 main areas: 1) developing games and implementing gamification for companies to be used to motivate and educate the employees (adaptation process, training portals, understanding the companies processes and how they connect together etc.), 2) developing and executing trainings or workshops to fix certain problematic aspect that the company or its teams are currently facing (soft skills development like leadership, communication, fluctuation prevention, lack of feedback, vision building, corporate values etc.), and finally 3) developing and executing trainings or workshops for young students (of all levels starting on elementary through high schools to universities).


Contact Person: Antonin Vacek - Antonin.vacek@misehero.cz